The Magical #Mouse Box is a simple solution we have been using for years to help #control the mice population around our #chicken #coop and #compost bins. Build a few of these and your mice problem will magically disappear! Source by :
High Yield Garden Vegetables - Sometimes you just really want the veggies your grow in your garden to “mean something”. Lettuce and other leafy greens are great, but if you really want your garden produce to mean something to your food supply then you should choose these 5 High Yield Garden Vegetables. Source by :
Gardening with the Colour Wheel at Sensible Gardening Source by :
Let your garden touch you on a deeper, soul level. Source by :
The soil you choose for seed starting can mean the difference between success and failure. Source by :
A nice clean garden edge gives your landscape definition and texture. Of course, we’d all love a professionally designed garden area, but the cost of materials alone can be astronomical. These lawn edging ideas are innovative and beautiful to give you the function and aesthetics without the high costs. You can Source by :
15 Incredible Small Under the Stairs Garden You Should Not Miss Source by :
7 Effective Ways on How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard. How to start a garden in your backyard? If you want to know how, here are 7 effective ways. It is really easier than you think! #urbangardening #urbanfarming #gardening #diy #garden #ugrpost Source by :
Importance of Crop Rotation - Crop Rotation in the home garden is an important principal that is often ignored. This post will teach you why garden crop rotation is so important! Source by :
Simple 4 Year Crop Rotation Plan. Crop rotation in a home garden is more important than many people think. This simple 4 year crop rotation plan will keep your garden and soil healthy. Source by :

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